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Space Shuttle - STS 107 (113) - Columbia (028)  

Nutzlast & Experimente

Attached PLB Payloads
Space Habitat Module (SPACEHAB)
weitere Infos (OSF/NASA)

SPACEHAB Research Double Module (RDM)
Biological experiments: Cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary
Effects of Microgravity on Total Peripheral Vascular Resistance in Humans (2-DK)
weitere Infos (ESADAMEC Research)
Arterial Baroreflex Control of Sinus Node during Exercise in Microgravity Conditions (4-I)
weitere Infos (ESAUniv. of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy)
Influence of Weightlessness on Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Regulation - Responses to Exercise & Valsalva Maneuver (8-D)
weitere Infos (ESADeutsche Sport Hochschule, Cologne, Germany)
Physiological Parameters that Predict Orthostatic Intolerance After Spaceflight (9-NL)
weitere Infos (ESAUniv. of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Initial Effects of Microgravity on Central Cardiovascular Variables in Humans (11-DK)
weitere Infos (ESAUniv. Hospital Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Adaptation of Spontaneous Baroreflex Sensitivity to Microgravity (12-I)
weitere Infos (ESA/Centro di Bioingegneria LaRC, Milano, Italy)
Arterial Remodeling and Functional Adaptations Induced by Microgravity (E386)
Biological experiments: Gravito-inertial sensitivity
Development of Gravity Sensitive Plant Cells in Microgravity (BRiC-14)
Fish Otolith Growth and Development of Otolith Asymmetry at Microgravity (CEBAS)
Spatial Reorientation Following Spaceflight (DSO 635/E118)
Anatomical Studies of Central Vestibular Adaptation (E127)
Application of Physical & Biological Techniques to study the Gravisensing and Response System of Plants (MFA)
Biological experiments: Musculo-skeletal
Cardiopulmonary & Muscular Adaptations During & After Microgravity (7-S)
weitere Infos (ESA/Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden)
The Role of Bone Cells in the Response of Skeletal Tissues in Microgravity (BONES)
weitere Infos (ESA/ACTA Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Function of the Focal Adhesion of Plaque of Connective Tissue in Microgravity (CONNECT)
weitere Infos (ESA/University of Liege, Liege, Belgium)
Protein Turnover During Spaceflight (E048)
Calcium Kinetics During Spaceflight (E381S)
Comparative Analysis of Osteoblastic (bone-forming) Cells at Microgravity (OBLAST)
weitere Infos (ESA/C. Alexandre, Paris, Paris, France)
Microgravity Effects on Osteoclast (bone-removing) Driven Resorption in vitro (OCLAST)
Osteoblasts in Space (OSMIN)
weitere Infos (ESA/LBBTO, St. Etienne, France)
Osteoclasts in Space (OSPACE)
weitere Infos (ESA/Univ. of Bari, Bari, Italy)
Identification of Microgravity-Related Genes in Osteoblastic Cells (OSTEOGENE)
Osteoporosis Experiment in Orbit (bone gene regulation) (OSTEOGENE)
Osteoporosis Experiment in Orbit (hormones and osteoblasts) (OSTEOGENE)
Osteoporosis Experiment in Orbit (sleep & immune effects on bone) (OSTEOGENE)
Biological experiments: Stress responses, homeostasis and integrative physiology/Educational
Ants in Space
weitere Infos (Fowler High School, Syracuse, NY, Syracuse University)
Astrospiders-Spiders in Space
weitere Infos (Glen Waverley Secondary College, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Royal Melbourne Zoo)
Carpenter Bees In Space
weitere Infos (Liechtensteinische VP Bank/Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium, Vaduz, Liechtenstein)
Flight of the Medaka Fish
weitere Infos (Japan Space Utilization Promotion Center (JSUP)/Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan)
Silkworm Lifecycle During Space Flight
weitere Infos (China Time Network Co. Ltd./Jingshan School, Beijing, China)
Biological experiments: Stress responses, homeostasis and integrative physiology
Multiparametric Assessment of the Stress Response in Astronauts During Spaceflight (10-I)
weitere Infos (ESA/University of Milan, Milan, Italy)
Bacterial Physiology and Virulence on Earth and in Microgravity (BACTER)
weitere Infos (NASA/Montana State University, Bozeman, MT)
Biotechnology Cell Science Payload (Bioreactor) (BDS-05)
Determination of the Space Influence on Bacterial Growth Kinetics (BIOKIN-3)
weitere Infos (ESA/University of Gronigen, Gronigen, Netherlands)
Immunological Investigations with Xiphiphorus helleri (CEBAS)
weitere Infos (DLR/Univ. Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany)
Plant Physiological Experiments with Ceratophyllum demersum (CEBAS)
weitere Infos (DLR/Dynamac Corp., Kennedy Space Center)
Reproductive Biological and Embryological Research in Xiphiphorus helleri (CEBAS)
weitere Infos (DLR/Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany)
Pharmacokinetics & Contributing Physiologic Changes During Spaceflight (DSO 632B)
Renal Stone Risk During Spaceflight: Assessment and Countermeasure Validation (E057)
Flight Induced Changes in Immune Defenses (E210)
Spaceflight Effects on Fungal Growth, Metabolism, and Sensitivity to Antifungal Drugs (E240)
Sleep-Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure During Spaceflight (E394)
Choroidal Regulation Involved in the Cerebral Fluid Response to Altered Gravity (98-E409)
Incidence of Latent Virus Shedding During Spaceflight (E409)
Effects of Microgravity on Microbial Physiology (E562)
Role of Interleukin-2 Receptor in signal transduction and gravisening threshold in T-Lymphocytes (LEUKIN)
weitere Infos (ESA/ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)
Biological Dosimetry in Space Using Haemopoetic Stem Cell Functions (RADCELLS)
Fidelity of DNA Double-Strand Break Repair in Human Cells Under Microgravity (REPAIR)
weitere Infos (ESA/University of Giessen, Giessen, Germany)
Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Differentiation and Mesenchymal Tissue Reconstruction in Microgravity (STROMA)
weitere Infos (ESA/University of Genova, Genova, Italy)
Yeast Cell Stress Under Microgravity (YSTRES)
weitere Infos (ESA/ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)
Biological experiments: Support systems
Ergometer & Advanced Respiratory Monitoring System
Enhanced Orbiter Refrigerator/Freezer (EOR/F)
Thermoelectric Holding Module (TEHM)
Earth & Space Sciences: Atmospheric
Mediterranean Isreali Dust Experiment (MEIDEX)
Shuttle Ionospheric Modification with Pulsed Local Exhaust Experiment (SIMPLEX)
Shuttle Ozone Limb Sounding Experiment (SOLSE-2)
Earth & Space Sciences: Solar
Solar Constant Experiment (SOLCON-3)
Physical Sciences: Crystallography and Molecular Structure/Educational
The Chemical Garden
weitere Infos (Kiryat Motzkin Middle School, Technion University, Haifa, Israel)
Physical Sciences: Crystallography and Molecular Structure
Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility (APCF)
weitere Infos (ESA)
Crystal Structure Analysis of the Outer Surface Glycoprotein of the Hyperthermophile Methanothermus Fervidus (APCF)
Crystallization of Enzyme and Substrate-Analog Complexes for Highest Resolution Data Collection and Refinement (APCF)
Crystallization of Photosystem I under Microgravity (APCF)
Effect of Different Conditions on the Quality of Thaumatin and AspartyltRNA Synthetase Crystals Grown in Microgravity (APCF)
Solution Flows and Molecular Disorder of Protein Crystals Growth of Ferrition Crystals (APCF)
Testing New Trends in Microgravity Protein Crystallization: Comparison of Long Chambers With and Without Capillaries (APCF)
Testing New Trends in Microgravity Protein Crystallisation: Solution Flows and Molecular Disorder of Protein Crystals - Growth of High-quality Crystals and Motions of Lumazin Crystals (APCF)
X-Ray Crystallography at Atomic Resolution, Molecular Mechanism of Ca/Mg Exchange with the EF-Hand Parvalbumin (APCF)
Physical Sciences: Physical processes
Critical Viscosity of Xenon-2 (CVX-2)
Adsorption Dynamics and Transfer at Liquid/liquid Interfaces (FAST)
weitere Infos (ESA/ICFAM-CNR, Genova, Italy)
Dilational Properties of Interfaces (FAST)
weitere Infos (ESA/MPI-KG, Berlin, Germany)
Interfacial Rheology and the Effects of Vibrations on Interfacial Properties (FAST)
weitere Infos (ESA/UFIR-DCO & IROE-CNR, Firenze, Italy)
Laminar Soot Processes (LSP)
Mechanics of Granular Materials (MGM)
Structures of Flame Balls at Low Lewis-number (SOFBALL)
Physical Sciences: Support systems
Space Acceleration Measurement System Free Flyer (SAMS-FF)
Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment (OARE)
Space Product Development: Biological processes
Astroculture 10/1, Plant Growth Experiment (AST 10/1)
Astroculture 10/2, Gene Transfer Experiment (AST 10/2)
Space Product Development: Crystallography and Molecular Structure
Commercial ITA Biological Experiments-2 (CIBX-2)
Commercial ITA Biological Experiments-2 (CIBX-2)
Commercial Macromolecular Protein Crystal Growth (CMPCG)
Commercial Protein Crystal Growth-Protein Crystal Facility (CPCG-PCF)
Space Product Development: Drug Delivery
Commercial ITA Biological Experiments-2, Microencapsulation of Drugs (CIBX-2)
Space Product Development: Physical processes
Water Mist Fire Suppression Experiment (Mist)
Zeolite Crystal Growth Furnace (ZCG)
Technology Development: Attitude Control
Star Navigation (STARNAV)
Technology Development: Communications
Low Power Transmitter (LPT)
Miniature Satellite Threat Reporting System (MSTRS)
Technology Development: Environmental control
Vapor Compression Distillation Flight Experiment (VCD)
Combined Two-Phase Loop Experiment (COM2PLEX)
weitere Infos (ESA/OHB GmBH, Bremen, Germany)
Technology Development: Satellite sensor calibration
Ram Burn Observation (RAMBO)
Space Experiment Module (SEM-14)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Garden from the Stars
weitere Infos (Central Park Middle School, Farnsworth Middle School, New York, NY)
United Voyager, Moving and Shaking at M.S. 135 & M.S. 143
Wearable Radiation Protection
weitere Infos (Mott Hall School-IS223, City College of New York, New York, NY)
Kids Investigations in Space Science (NYC KISS)
weitere Infos (American Museum of Natural History, Rose Center for Earth and Space, New York, NY)
Ogdensburgs Glowing Rocks Experiment (OGRE)
Worms & Mold in Space
C.D. in Space?
How Do Our Space Beans Grow?
St.John's Seeds
Natural Space Art (NSA)



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