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Space Shuttle - STS 109 (108) - Columbia (027)  

Nutzlast & Experimente

Deployable Payloads
Hubble Space Telescope Replacement Equipment (HST)
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HST Servicing Mission 3B
weitere Infos (Global Science & Technology, Inc.)
HST Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS)
weitere Infos (JHU)
HST Solar Array 3 (SA3)
weitere Infos (Global Science & Technology, Inc.)
HST Power Control Unit (PCU)
weitere Infos (Global Science & Technology, Inc.)
HST NICMOS Cryocooler (NCC)
weitere Infos (HSTScI)
HST Replace 1 of 4 Reaction Wheel Assemblies (RWA)
weitere Infos (Global Science & Technology, Inc.)
HST Replace Gyroscopes
weitere Infos (Global Science & Technology, Inc.)
HST Fit New Outer Blanket Layers (NOBLs)
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Attached PLB Payloads
Hitchhiker carrier system
weitere Infos (GSFC/NASA)
Shuttle Ozone Limb Sounding Experiment (SOLSE-2)
weitere Infos (GSFC/NASA)

Detailed Test Objectives (DTOs)
Single-String Global Positioning System (DTO 700-14/PGSC, GPS)
Crosswind Landing Performance (DTO 805)

Detailed Supplementary Objectives (DSOs)
Bioavailability and Performance Effects of Promethazine During Space Flight (DSO 490)
Monitoring Latent Virus Reactivation and Shedding in Astronauts (DSO 493)
Individual Susceptibility to Post-Space Flight Orthostatic Intolerance (DSO 496)
Space Flight and Immune Function (DSO 498)
Induced-Induced Reactivation of Latent Epstein-Barr Virus (DSO 500)
Test of Midodrine as a Countermeasure Against Postflight Orthostatic Hypotension (DSO 503-S)
Sleep–Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure During Space Flight (DSO 634)
Spatial Reorientation Following Space Flight (DSO 635)
Educational Activities (DSO 802)



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