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Space Shuttle - STS 91 (091) - Discovery (024)  

Nutzlast & Experimente

Deployable Payloads
Russian Logistics

Attached PLB Payloads
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS)
Space Habitat Module (SPACEHAB)
weitere Infos (SPACEHAB Inc.)
Space Experiment Module (SEM-03, SEM-05)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Effect of Microgravity on Crossing-Over in Sordaria Fimicola
Crystal Growth in Microgravity
Effect of Microgravity on development of Daphnia, Eubranchipus and Triops eggs
Separation of Immiscible Fluids in Microgravity
Merit Badge Madness
Magnetic Attraction Viewed In Space (MAVIS)
Big Experiments in Small Tubes Experiment (BEST)
Cosmic Radiation Effects on Programmable Logic Devices (CREPLD)
Effect of Spaceflight on Food Yield
Exposure of the SEM to the Space Environment
Comparative Microgravity Response of Fungi and Mold
Effect of Microgravity on Plant Seeds
Flower Garden in Space
Effects of Microgravity on Sordaria Fimicola

Crew Compartment Payload
Cosmic Radiation Effects and Active Monitor
Commercial Protein Crystal Growth
Solid Surface Combustion Experiment (SSCE)
Shuttle Ionospheric Modification with Pulsed Local Exhaust (SIMPLEX)

Getaway Special (GAS)
Get Away Special Program (GAS)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Nucleic Boiling in Space, Chemical Unit Processes in Space, Crystal Growing, Space Popcorn (G-090)
Genotoxicology and Plant Seed Experiment (G-743)
n.n. (G-765)
n.n. (G-648)

Special Payload Mission Kits
Remote Manipulator System (RMS 201)



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