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Space Shuttle - STS 51-L (025) - Challenger (010)  

Nutzlast & Experimente

Deployable Payloads
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS-B)
weitere Infos (NSSDC)
Inertial Upper Stage (IUS)
weitere Infos (KSC/NASA)
Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Tool for Astronomy (SPARTAN)
weitere Infos (GSFC/NASA)
UV Observation of Comet Halley (SPARTAN-203)
UV Spectrometers (2x)
Nikon F-3 Cameras (2x)
Optic Bench

Crew Compartment Payload
Fluid Dynamics Experiment (FDE)
Fluid position and ullage
Fluid motion due to spin
Fluid self-inertia
Fluid motion due to payload deployment
Energy dissipation due to fluid motion
Fluid transfer
Comet Halley Active Monitoring Program (CHAMP)
Phase Partitioning Experiment (PPE)
Teacher in Space
6 experiments including hydrophonics magnetism, Newton's laws, effervescence chromatography and simple machines
Shuttle Student Involvement Program (SSIP)
The effects of weightlessness on grain formation and strength in metals (SE82-4)
Utilizing a semi-permeable membrane to direct crystal growth in zero gravity (SE82-5)
Chicken embryo development in space (SE83-9)
Souvenir payload: Walking Liberty Coin Sets

Special Payload Mission Kits
Remote Manipulator System (RMS)



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