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Ben Evans, David M. Harland
NASA's Voyager Missions
Exploring the Outer Solar System and Beyound

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For the first time, in one volume, Ben Evans with David Harland will not only tell the story of the hugely successful Voyager missions, but also that of the men and women who have devoted their entire working lives to them.

Illustrated with stunning images, some in colour, they describe the missions from their conception, through their spectacular encounters with the outer planets and on to their ultimate and, as yet, unknown destination among the stars in the so-called Voyager Interstellar Mission

Space Science and Space Enthusiasts

Table of Contents
  • Four Distant Wanderers: A history of the gas giants in mythology, history and observation up to Voyager.
  • A Chance of Three Lifetimes: The Grand Tour Concept.
  • Into the Realms of Jove: Exploration of Jupiter.
  • Ringworld!: Exploration of Saturn.
  • The Bulls Eye World: Exploration of Uranus.
  • The Boiling Cauldron
  • Exploration of Neptune.
  • Bottle into the Cosmic Ocean: Post-Neptune.
  • The Legacy: The importance of Voyager and future missions.
  • Appendix

Springer Berlin, 2004, 300 S.
39,54 Euro
Broschiert, w. 120 figs.
ISBN: 978-1-85233-745-2

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