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Brian Harvey
China's Space Program
From Conception to Manned Spaceflight

This book is designed for publication straight after the launch of China’s first manned spacecraft.

The precursor mission, Shenzhou, flew unmanned in November 1999, in line with the predictions of ‘The Chinese Space Programme - from Conception to Future Capabilities (1998) - the first edition of this retitled book. China's Space Program will build on the 1998 title to take account of the first manned flight, which, it is assumed, will take place sometime over 2003-2004. It will also bring the reader up to date with other developments in the Chinese space programme over from 1998 to the manned flight and look forward to China’s future plans and ambitions.

Geschrieben für:
Space enthusiasts, historians, space industry students

  • Author’s Preface and Acknowledgements
  • Flight of the Shenzhou
  • Origins
  • The Fiery Dragon
  • Dong Fang Hong
  • The East is Red
  • Expanding the Space Programme
  • Communications and Conspiracies
  • Applying the Space Programme
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Launch Centres, rockets and their engines
  • Shuguang
  • False Dawn
  • The Shenzhou Precursor Mission
  • Future of China in Space
  • Listing of Chinese satellite launches
  • Milestones in the development of the Chinese Space Programme
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography, further reading and websites
  • Index

Springer Berlin, 2004, 300 S.
42,75 Euro
ISBN: 978-1-85233-566-3

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