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John E. Catchpole
Project Mercury
NASA's First Manned Space Programme

Project Mercury will offer a developmental resume of the first American manned spaceflight programme and its associated infrastructure, including accounts of space launch vehicles. The book highlights the differences in Redstone/Atlas technology, drawing similar comparisons between ballistic capsules and alternative types of spacecraft. The book also covers astronaut selection and training, as well as tracking systems, flight control, basic principles of spaceflight and detailed accounts ofindividual flights.

  • Part 1. Genesis:
    • Preparing for War.
    • Dreaming of Space.
    • The Satellite Race.
    • Defining the Frontier.
    • New Broom.
  • Part 2. Infrastructure:
    • National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
    • Astronauts.
    • Flight Operations Division.
    • World Wide Tracking Network.
    • Recovery.
  • Part 3. Hardware:
    • Mercury Spacecraft.
    • Pressure Suit.
    • Mercury-Little Joe.
    • Mercury-Scout.
    • Mercury-Redstone.
    • Mercury-Atlas.
  • Part 4. Individual Flight Accounts.
  • Part 5. Results:
    • Scientific experiments.
    • Project Mercury in Retrospect.
    • Project Mercury as a First Step.
    • Alternative Paths.
  • Appendix.

Springer Berlin, 2001, 485 S.
64,15 Euro
ISBN: 978-1-85233-406-2

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