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David M. Harland
Jupiter Odyssey
The Story of NASA's Galileo Mission

Focusing on the Galileo Mission, the story will relate this remarkable spacecraft's protracted gestation and the ordeal of its long haul out to Jupiter and its ultimate triumph: 5 years exploration within the Jovian system.

The story spans a full quarter of a century, drawing on the press conferences, technical papers and essays of engineers and scientists involved in the mission which provide a real sense of participation as the discoveries poured in - it will bring the mission of the Galileo spacecraft to life and provide a more engaging account than would simply be achieved by recounting scientific results.

The book will conclude with a snapshot "look ahead" into the Cassini flyby of Jupiter in December 2000 shortly after publication - the book released to coincide with this media

  • Foreword.
  • Acknowledgements.
  • Author's Preface.
  • Early Days.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Galileo's Ordeal.
  • An Exploring Machine.
  • The Long Haul.
  • Target in Sight.
  • Atmospheric Probe.
  • The Capture Orbit.
  • Tectonic Ganymede.
  • Battered Callisto.
  • European Enigma.
  • Jupiter from Orbit.
  • Moonlets and Rings.
  • Fiery Io.
  • Passing the Torch.
  • Tables.
  • IAU Nomenclature.
  • Glossary Chapter Notes.
  • Further Reading.


"It is all here, in studious detail... An excellent account of the most amazing little robot ever built."
(Michael Hanlon, Sunday Express)

Springer Berlin, 2000, 448 S.
35,26 Euro
ISBN: 978-1-85233-301-0

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