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Brian Harvey
Space Exploration 2007
Space Launches, Missions and Events

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The aim of the Space Exploration - 2007 is to provide an annual update on recent space launches, missions and results, to be published every year in September. The annual will cover space exploration from a variety of angles: looking back at past missions, reviewing those currently under way and looking to those planned for the future. The ten invited contributions each year will cover a variety of topics within these areas, to appeal to a wide readership.

The regular set features, which will appear every year, will include records noting satellite and rocket launches in the previous year and satellite recoveries; analysis of developments and emerging trends in space exploration; notes on records and main feats during the year; basic data on all launchers currently in operation; schedules of upcoming missions; anniversaries and landmarks.

Table of contents
  • Building the ISS, Highlighting the Progress in ISS Construction.
  • Mars: Results from the Rovers, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
  • Solar System Log: Outcomes of Cassini, Huygens, Messenger, Deep Impact.
  • NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle and the Progress of the Bush Plan under Administrator Griffin.
  • The New Launch Site in Kourou: Profile and Significance.
  • Back to the Moon: Change, Chandrayan Lead the Way.
  • Trends in American Military Space Reconnaissance.
  • Exploring Jupiter’s Moons: American and European Plans.
  • Russia’s Future Space Shuttle, the Kliper: Features and Prospects.
  • Space Spinoff - the Indian Experience.

Springer Berlin, 2007, 358 S.
21,35 Euro
Broschiert, w. 20 col. and 35 b&w figs.
ISBN: 978-0-387-33330-4

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