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Red Planet
Scientific And Cultural Encounters With Mars

An interdisciplinary study of Mars in science and science fiction.

Red Planet uses extensive video clips, animation, morphs, text, voiceover narration, hypertext links to biographies of key figures in the development of planetary research, and an extensive glossary to explain scientific concepts for nonspecialists.

Red Planet offers in-depth analyses of Mars as both an object of scientific study and a cultural artifact, and it allows students to investigate the scientific, social, and philosophical values and assumptions which underlie different views of the future of Mars exploration.

  • Includes teaching manual

  • Operates on any computer DVD-ROM drive, PC or Mac
    Note: Not compatible with video-only dvd players

  • Presents excerpts from the original "War of the Worlds" Broadcast

  • Provides extensive bibliography of Mars science fiction and the history of Mars exploration

  • Contains more than three hours of high-quality digital video, including original interviews with top scientists, bestselling science fiction writers, and visionaries.

  • Acts as a "miniserver" to guide access to worldwide web sites, including NASA's

  • Incorporates digital imagery and sound throughout

  • Contains a voice-over narration throughout that can be turned on and off.

 Betriebssystem Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Mac OS
 CPU-Typ, Geschwindigkeit Pentium/Athlon, 500 MHz G3/iMac (MacOS 8.6)
 Arbeitsspeicher 64 MB 32 MB
 Grafik 640x480, High Color (16-Bit) 640x480, High Color (16-Bit)
 CD-ROM Geschwindigkeit 12-fach 12-fach
 Audio 16 Bit 16 Bit
 Sonstiges Javascript capable web browser Javascript capable web browser

Infoprogramm gemäß § 14 JuSchGUniversity of Pennsylvania Press, 2001
49,10 Euro
ISBN: 978-0-8122-3620-0

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