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Iain Gilmour, Neil McBride
An Introduction to the Solar System

Compiled by a team of experts, this textbook has been designed for introductory university courses in planetary science.

It starts with a tour of the Solar System and an overview of its formation. The composition, internal structure, surface morphology and atmospheres of the terrestrial planets are then described. This leads naturally to a discussion of the giant planets and why they are compositionally different. Minor bodies are reviewed and the book concludes with a discussion of the origin of the Solar System and the evidence from meteorites.

Written in an accessible style that avoids complex mathematics, and illustrated in colour throughout, this book is suitable for self-study and will appeal to amateur enthusiasts as well as undergraduate students. It contains numerous helpful learning features such as boxed summaries, student exercises with full solutions, and a glossary of terms. The book is also supported by a website hosting further teaching materials.


"An Introduction to the Solar System is clearly written, accurate, up-to-date, well-produced and a pleasure to read. It is a first rate production by a team of professionals, clearly designed for teaching and up to the high standards of The Open University. The many questions that are posed throughout the text (with answers at the back) make it an ideal teaching text. As a beginning text at an undergraduate or advanced high school level, it is hard to fault this book and I suspect that it will be widely used in introductory courses."
(The Australian National University, Professor S. Ross Taylor)

"An Introduction to the Solar System stands out from the majority of introductory textbooks in this area due to its excellent coverage of the geological and geophysical aspects of planetary science. The glossary of terms provided in the back of the book will prove extremely helpful to students, as will the many questions and exercises interspersed throughout the text."
(University of California, Berkeley, Professor Imke De Pater)

Cambridge University Press, 2003, 412 S.
47,00 Euro
ISBN: 978-0-521-54620-1

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