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Bruce Dorminey
Distant Wanderers
The Search for Planets Beyound the Solar System

Recent discoveries of planet-like objects circling other sun-like stars have stirred enormous interest in what other planets may exist in the universe, and whether they could support intelligent life.

This book takes us into the midst of this search for extrasolar planets. Unlike other books, it focuses on the people behind the searches -- many known personally by the author -- and the extraordinary technology that is currently on the drawing boards.

The author is an experienced, award-winning science journalist who was previously technology correspondent for the Financial Times of London. He has written on many topics in astronomy and astrobiology in over 35 different newspapers and magazines worldwide.

From the contents:
  • Cauldrons of Creation
  • The Dust of Creation
  • Spectroscopic Nights
  • Planetary Hype
  • The Thrill of the Hunt
  • The Lithium Test
  • Expanding the Search
  • Planetary Demarcations
  • In Pursuit of the Perfect Image
  • The Ancient Art of Astrometry
  • InterferometricBeginnings
  • Working on the Fringe
  • Power Telescopes
  • The Scope of Things to Come
  • Signatures of Life
  • Signals of Life
  • Epilogue
  • Abridged Bibliography
  • Index


"Dorminey hits the mark with the most up-to-date and complete account of the ongoing hunt for elusive extrasolar planets. With an eclectic narrative style equally fitting for a travel journal and a scientific monograph, Dorminey injects his personal experiences with planet hunters, their prey, their weapons, adn their hopes and fears throughout each chapter of Distant Wanderers...It's an enjoyable book for both armchair enthusiasts and astronomy professionals... DW is perhaps most impressive for its efficiency...In the end, DW leaves you feeling in the know about the search for distant planets and all that it entails, now and in the future." Astronomy Magazine:" "This book could not have been written 10 years ago...The informality of the writing and accounts of personal visits to far-off places like Chile or Mauna Kea in Hawaii help put the reader at ease . . . As the searches for extra-solar planets grew, it was necessary that some non-technical account for the layperson appear in print. By writing a very readable account, Bruce Dorminey has filled a much-needed slot."
(Current Science)

Springer Berlin, 2001, 240 S.
24,56 Euro
Hardcover, w. figs.
ISBN: 978-0-387-95074-7

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