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Martin Mobberley
Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series
The New Amateur Astronomer

reason is, of course, technology. Affordable high-quality telescopes, computer-controlled 'go to' mountings, autoguiders, CCD cameras, video, and (as always) computers and the Internet, are just a few of the advances that have revolutionized astronomy for the twenty-first century.

Martin Mobberley first looks at the basics before going into an in-depth study of what’s available commercially. He then moves on to the revolutionary possibilities that are open to amateurs, from imaging, through spectroscopy and photometry, to patrolling for near-earth objects - the search for comets and asteroids that may come close to, or even hit, the earth.

The New Amateur Astronomer is a road map of the new astronomy, equally suitable for newcomers who wants an introduction, or old hands who needs to keep abreast of innovations.

Geschrieben für:
Amateur astronomers, 1st year astronomy students

  • Introduction - Why Amateur Astronomy?
  • Part I - Equipment
    • Optical Fundamentals
    • Buying a Commercial Telescope
    • Navigating the Rotating Spherical Sky
    • ‘Go To’ Telescopes and Mountings
    • Digicams and Video Astronomy
    • Cooled CCD Cameras
    • Image Processing Software
  • Part II - The People
    • CCD Planetary Imagers
    • Supernova Discoverers
    • Deep-sky Perfectionists
    • Cataclysmic
    • Variable Observers & Gamma Ray Burster Hunters
    • Saving the World
    • Near Earth Object Chasers
    • Armchair Comet Hunters
    • Backyard Spectroscopists
  • Appendix

Springer Berlin, 2004, 300 S.
42,75 Euro
ISBN: 978-1-85233-663-9

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