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Roger Freedman, William J. Kaufmann
Universe, w. CD-ROM
7th edition

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What astronomers know about our universe changes every day. For the past twenty years, Universe has been the most thrilling way to communicate the excitement of discovery in astronomy, to students of all scientific backgrounds. The new edition of Universe gives students the means to explore like never before. In addition to covering all the top discoveries, the text contains spectacular images, captivating writing, and a media and supplements package that guides students on a fascinating journey around the cosmos and back again.

  • Astronomy and the Universe
  • Knowing the Heavens
  • Eclipses and the Motion of the Moon
  • Gravitation and the Waltz of the Planets
  • The Nature of Light
  • Optics and Telescopes
  • Comparative Planetology I: Introducing Our Solar System
  • Comparative Planetology II: The Origin of the Solar System
  • Our Living Earth
  • Our Barren Moon
  • Sun-Scorched Mercury
  • Cloud-Covered Venus
  • Red Planet Mars
  • Jupiter and Saturn
  • The Galilean Satellites of Jupiter
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Vagabonds of the Solar System
  • Our Star, the Sun
  • The Nature of Stars
  • The Birth of Stars
  • Stellar Evolution: After the Main Sequence
  • Stellar Evolution: The Deaths of Stars
  • Neutron Stars
  • Black Holes
  • Our Galaxy
  • Galaxies
  • Quasars, Active Galaxies, and Gamma-Ray Bursters
  • Cosmology: The Origin and Evolution of the Universe
  • Exploring the Early Universe
  • The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Macmillan Publishers, 2004, 800 S.
64,90 Euro
ISBN: 978-0-7167-8694-8

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