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ISS - ISS VC-9 (071) - Sojus FG (010)  

Nutzlast & Experimente

Experimente (russischer Teil der ISS)
Medizinische & biologische Forschung (RKK)
weitere Infos (ESA/RKK Energiya)
Evaluate microbial species, which might inhabit the ISS, Investigate the mechanism of microbial adaptation to micro-gravity (SAMPLE)
weitere Infos (ESA/RKK Energiya)
Assessment of astronaut deep muscle corset atrophy in response to microgravity exposure (MUSCLE)
weitere Infos (ESA/RKK Energiya)
Vestibular adaptation to a change of gravity (MOP)
weitere Infos (ESA/RKK Energiya)
Gregory Olsens Experimente
weitere Infos (RKK Energiya)
Work demonstration using infra-red camera SU 320 MX
Participation in real-time MCC-ISS RS-MCC TV bridge
Radio amateur sessions
Observation and photo imagery of various areas of the Earth using a high resolution camera
Conduct of video and photo imagery on the ISS RS
Symbolic activity on the ISS RS video filming of the educational program subject


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